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Biomass turbo Dryer Machine

Turbo Dryer CTD 60

Turbo-dryer CTD 60 is specially designed to evaporate and dry those raw-materials of briquettes that have more than 45% of moisture. This machine efficiently reduces their moisture up to 15%. This is a very ideal machine for drying out fibrous raw-materials such as jute, Bagasse, coir pith etc.

Turbo Dryer Machine For Biomass

General Description

This machine incorporates parts such as screw conveyor, vibrating screen, feeding hopper vane guide, conveying line along with an insulated drying column as well as conveying line that facilitates conveyance of wet or moist material with hot air. The surplus moisture is eliminated with the aid of a very potent low pressure open wheel centrifugal fan. The final output is discharged via an air tap duct.

This robust Biomass Briquetting Machine is very efficient and operates rapidly. We offer this quality machine at a very reasonable price.


Moisture Evaporation Capacity : 45O KG/HR.
Output : 1500 KG/HR.
Maximum Input Moisture : 35%
Outlet Moisture : 15%
Centrifugal Fan Motor : 15 HP
Vibrating Screen 2 HP
Screw Conveyor Motor 2 HP