Biomass Briquetting

Super 65 Model

Super 65 Model is our earliest machine which was born out of our intense effort and research. This machine has a Hammer Mill, which is a powdering unit. It is provided because this machine can only be fed with powdered raw material to produce briquettes.
Biomass Briquetting Press

This machine is meant for medium capacity production with nominal capital investment. Our briquetting plant models have high durability and perform excellently. Also they are very energy efficient.

Biomass Briquetting Project
Production Capacity : 700-850 Kgs /Hr Depends on raw material
Finished product Size : 65mm Diameter
Briquette Length : 100mm To 200 mm
Finished Product Shape : Cylindrical
Raw - Material Size Powdery
Procss Cost/Mt (Approx.) : IRS.600 to 750/-
Electricity / Power
Required power connection 80 HP / 60 KW machine with powder mill
Practical used Amp. Load 72 –83 Amp (Approx)
Power consumption 50 –55 Units / Hr.
Production Capacity
Different raw materials on the basis of their moisture content and bulk density vary the production capacity of the machine.
Sugarcane Baggasse : 450 to 500  Kgs / Hr (Approx.)
Groundnut shell : 700 to 900  Kgs / Hr (Approx.)
Saw Dust : 700 to 850  Kgs / Hr (Approx.)
Rice Husk : 350 to 450  Kgs / Hr (Approx.)
Other & Mix Raw Material : 600 To 750 Kgs /Hr ( Approx.)
Renewable Biomass Briquetting Plant
Operating Parameters :
  • Input bulk density: 140 to 200 kg/m 3
  • Moisture content: 8-12 %
  • Size – passed via 6mm screen in a dynamic state
  • Briquetting pressure – 1200 kg/cm2 for binder-less briquetting

Briquetting Plant