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Biomass Briquetting Market


Briquetting machines are already in huge demand in our country as well as all the countries of the world. Due to the quality of the fuel as well as the simplicity of the production process, these briquetting plants have gained a good opinion in the market. Moreover the accessibility of raw-material is possible in almost all the parts of the world.


biomass briquetting market

Kenya Mauritius Bangladesh Vietnam India
Kenya Mauritius Bangladesh Vietnam India
Brazil Canada Trinidad Chile South Africa
Brazil Canada Trinidad Chile South Africa
Netherlands Saudi Arabia UAE Germany Denmark
Netherlands Saudi Arabia UAE Germany Denmark
    United States of America    
    United States of America    
Biomass Briquetting in Domestic Market

India being an agricultural country as well as an Industrially develop nation has good availability of the biomass raw-material as well as the good market for the sale of the finished products. Hence briquetting process is gaining a good popularity in India. Many investors are coming forward to make profits via this briquetting business. Several leading cities in India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Surat, Pune, and Jaipur have already have this business running in a full swing.

Briquetting plant Investors in India can get financial support from NGOs as well as Nationalized banks also they can avail deductions in income tax, depreciation, sales tax, VAT, excise duty etc.

Biomass Briquetting
Biomass Briquetting in International Market

International countries also find this project as highly profitable as efficient and abundant energy resource is the need of the day.

Biomass Briquetting in African Countries

African countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Guinea, Libya, Mauritius, Morocco, and Mozambique where forest and agriculture wastes are available find briquetting as a good business to invest in.

Biomass Briquetting in Asian Countries

Bangladesh, Burma, Indonesia, Hong Kong, North & South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand are some of the Asian countries which have made a good economic progress by adopting biomass briquetting business.

Biomass Briquetting in European Countries

Denmark, The Netherlands, France, Ireland, Germany, Greece, Italy are some leading European countries who have good availability of bio-wastes and invest in the briquetting project.

Biomass Briquetting in North American Countries

Investors of North American Countries such as Jamaica, Cuba, Mexico, Canada, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, and El Salvador find briquetting as a very lucrative investment and they have a good market for the same in their own countries.

Biomass Briquetting in South American Countries

Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, Venezuela, Peru are the agricultural countries that find briquetting as the best as well as profitable solution for recycling their bio-wastes derived from their fields and forests.

Biomass Briquetting in Gulf Countries

Several countries in the gulf such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen etc. are also finding briquetting as a good eco-friendly energy resource solution and eagerly invest in briquetting plants