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Crusher Cum Shredder

Crusher Cum Shredder

This is a very powerful machine for crushing as well as shredding the raw-material before feeding them into the briquetting machines. This machine has powerful fixed motor. It can be connected & mounted to the tractor and has a huge loading hopper, that facilitates the crushing and shredding of the raw material such as twigs, barks, leaves etc to a 3inch diameter. It has a well-balanced rotor face plate made up of heavy duty welding. It has a very powerful functioning because of its alloy steel hardened chipping blades as well as freely swinging reversible shredding knives.

Biomass Crusher Cum Shredder

Our Crusher cum shredder offers excellent performance and that too in a least amount of time. It is very cost-effective as well as energy efficient too. Since is made employing the best available technology in the market in a very qualitative manner it is very sturdy and durable.


Electric Motor : 30 HP
Production Capacity : 2 to 2.5 Ton / Hr
Feeding Raw Material up to 3” Diameter
Output size 10 mm
Motor base plate attachment
Tractor driven wit PTO shaft attachment