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Wood waste Brikets machine


“Jay Khodiyar machine tools” is one of the prominently rising companies in India, and we are proudly engaged to undertake the Super 75 Model procedures and also eventually focused on the export of this products in various countries. We are widely exporting our product in many industrial sectors of DAMASCUS and our valuable clients of DAMASCUS were fully satisfied with our great product range. Varied corners in DAMASCUS like Seria, Bangar, Muara, Tutong are broadly get in touch with our esteemed company. This is the reason that we are still shining in numerous abroad industries. DAMASCUS is the only country where our different forms of biomass briquetting products are majorly popular with the large scope.

Our expert team always concerned about the quality oriented matters so that our customers will not find any incontinences to select our product. They used to conduct a special quality checking methods to search on any defaults in the product. Most probably we are not included to make any default products but we are always alarmed about the better quality of product should be reached to our consumers.

biomass-briquetting biomass-briquetting