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Application of biomass Briquettes

Application of Biomass Briquettes

Biomass briquettes or bio-fuel are widely used in household, commercial applications as well as in numerous types of Industries.

  • Domestic applications include cooking, baking, water-heating, fire-place etc.
  • Commercial applications such as hotel and restaurants, laundry, bakery etc.
  • Various types of Industries use briquettes for their heat based applications such as
  • Steam generation in power plants
  • Boilers of Industries
  • Thermal applications in textile Industries
  • Brick kiln
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Ceramic & refractory Industries
  • Paper pulp Industries
  • Food processing Factories
  • Leather Industries
  • Foundry
  • Metal heating and melting
  • Black smith heat applications
  • Oil extraction
  • Sugar factory
  • Dyeing industries
Biomass Briquetting

Briquettes are excellent substitutes of regular fuels because of their high calorific value and cost-effectiveness.