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Advantages of Biomass Briquettes

Advantages of Biomass Briquettes

  • Bio-coal or briquettes are easily available in abundance: there is no scarcity problem related to this type of fuel
  • Biomass Briquettes are very low in price as compared to traditional energy resource such as diesel, petrol, lignite etc
  • This type of fuel do not cause too much of pollution as compared to non-renewable fuels
  • Very Efficient fuel because of very high thermal calorific value
  • They offer even and consistent combustion
  • Has negligible amount of moisture as compared to the raw-material hence offers excellent combustion
  • They do not cause ash-fly when combusted, hence can be considered as a very clean fuel
  • Due to compact size and shape they are easy to store, transport and use.
  • The process of producing this biomass briquetting is simple and not very laborious.
  • Non-volatile fuel hence easy and safe to store.
  • Is useful for a wide range of Industrial & domestic applications
  • Has a higher bulk density
  • Has very lower ash content.
  • Has a very long shelf-life
  • There is no danger of fire or explosion of the fuel
  • It saves the trees as cutting of trees for fuel is replaced by this better quality briquettes
  • Is better for the environment welfare
  • Bio-degradable fuel, hence it does not leave residues and cause contamination of the water and soil
  • 100% natural, as it does not call for chemicals for its binding and processing
  • Plenty of variety available on the basis of their size and budget
  • Can act as a good substitute for polluting fuels as well as costly renewable energy resource
  • Can be produced in almost every part of the world where bio-mass is easily available
  • Beneficial very much for the future generation