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What is Biomass Briquetting?
Biomass Briquetting Project

Biomass briquetting is process that converts various crop residues like husks, dusts, leaves, hay or straw, coir, shells or forest wastages like leaves, stalks, twigs, wood, barks etc. into highly efficient bio-degradable kind of fuel like bio coal.

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Application of Biomass Briquettes
Biomass Briquetting Press

Our biomass briquetting plant is specially designed for manufacturing biomass briquettes that can be used for generate heating and energy in many industrial applications. It is very good replacement of conventional resources like lignite, wood etc.

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Advantages of Biomass Briquettes
Biomass Briquetting System
  • Less polluting then other fuel
  • The biomass briquettes is very eco-friendly
  • Ignition is more constant compared to coal
  • Easy to store, pack and disinfected to handle.
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"India's No. 1 Biomass Briquetting Equipment, Briquetting Plant, Briquette Machine, Biomass Briquetting System Manufacturer & Exporter"

We welcome you to our Briquetting Plant, Briquetting Machine, Briquetting Press website. We have been supporting renewable energy machines across the world. since 1994 we are involved in making of Briquetting Machine. We offer best solution to the customers for efficient fuel supplies and also bring together Biomass Briquettes with great accuracy at our Biomass Briquetting project.

In today’s world many countries produce huge amount of agro & forestry wastes. biomass briquetting is best solution to get rid from agro & forestry waste problem. biomass briquetting machine is equipment that converts agro wastes into bio-mass briquettes which are finest quality energy resource. A biomass briquette is renewable fuel generally identified as bio-coal or briquettes . JAY KHODIYAR MACHINE TOOLS is trusted manufacturers and exporters of an extraordinary performance range of biomass briquetting plant that is ideal for produce bio fuel from organic wastes.

Briquette Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Biomass briquetting machines are designed by expert professionals to offer maximum out-put in a cost effective and energy-efficient way. Since our machines match International quality standards and perform excellently, they are immensely demanded by several companies across the world.

Briquettes made by these briquetting plants are superb in quality and substitutes of regular fuels such as coal, wood, kerosin etc; especially for the Industrial purposes. The conventional fuel being meagre and expensive, bio fuels are widely selected in the industries. Thus the agro briquette products have a wide opportunity in the market. we supplies our plants anywhere in india. Furthermore we customize these products as ordered by customrs relative to their requirements.

Biomass briquette systems and briquette presses are equipped with the equipments for crushing and drying all types of agricultural feed stocks excepting moisture below 15%.


Biomass briquetting project is an eco-friendly system that generates renewable green fuel from agricultural wastes. Although extensive amounts of extra agricultural residues are available in India, It is the best project to overcome various problems comes in management of these wastes. With the increasing of the awareness towards ecofriendly and non conventional fuels, biomass briquetting is become golden opportunity to create an extra income. To set up biomass briquetting project is totally profitable investment. Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools is ever ready to help in settle up the project at your choose destination.


Consistent with the world’s energy subjects, it is generally believed that global warming, fossil fuel shortage, fuel increasing price are serious problems. Overcoming with these problems, biomass briquetting is best solution. Biomass briquetting technology is used in the briquetting from the biomass waste. It is thus far to become a popular in many developing countries because of the technical limitations included and the absence of knowledge to acclimate the technology to match local conditions.

In India, Biomass briquetting market has golden opportunity to grow in the near future.  The adaptive research activities carried out at Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools located in Rajkot [Gujarat] bring about in the manufacturing of better and economical biomass briquetting technology like binder less technology. Biomass Briquettes the substitute source of energy produced through process of biomass briquetting technology.  Due to local fabrication, the technology offered business opportunities for small industrialists in rural India.

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